The brand synonymous with sunglasses. Far reaching and with some of the most iconic frames in its collection the Ray-Ban heritage continues to keep it at the top in eyewear on a global scale.  Thanks to Ray-Ban today we have the aviator and the wayfarer, two frames that transformed the way we see eyewear. Ray-Ban is the ultimate rock accessory.

The 60s and the revolutionary ‘pop’ culture brought Ray-Ban into the fashion industry, with celebrities opting for Ray-Ban as part of their look. The Beatles, who’s star had raised to a worldwide status, wore the Ray-Ban aviator as part of their much coveted look, with McCartney and Starr being especially partial and by the 80s, Ray-Ban were a must have for the Hollywood elite and a brand on every household’s lips. Featuring in a plethora of blockbuster films, Ray-Ban has been used in Top Gun (who can forget Tom Cruise and Val Kilmer), Men in Black, Reservoir Dogs, Daredevil, Risky Business, Sahara and the one and only, Blues Brothers. These particular film’s cult statuses have seen Ray-Ban remain firmly in the spotlight.

Today, Ray-Ban continues to boasts an immense collection that mixes their rich heritage with fashion and glamour. The choice of sunglass for musicians, whatever their taste or success, Ray-Ban is a no-brainer which is why its popularity doesn’t end there, with the majority of festivalgoers plumping for a Ray-Ban wayfarer or aviator for that perfect festival look. And lest we forget Ray-Ban's ability, unlike many other brands, to blend comfort and practicality with beautiful form. It’s technical knowledge and experience means that the highest quality UV protection is a given, resulting in you receiving perfect eyewear, every time.