Prada Sport

The prime characteristics of Prada Sport are influenced by their Italian heritage. Prada Sport, or Prada Linea Rossa in reference to the sleek red line, is based on absolute quality as a starting point. Prada’s constant innovation that respects tradition is flawlessly contributed into each and every design, making the Prada Sport collection a trendy and must have accessory. Huge research even goes into the selection of materials employed, together with impeccable manufacturing processes to ensure that every pair of Prada Sport sunglasses is of the highest possible standard.

Created in 1913, Italian fashion house Prada is arguable one of the most influential designers to date. Identifying a need for stylish, yet practical sunglasses, Prada Sport was unveiled in 2000 and then re-launched in 2009 with the name Prada Linea Rossa. Adding a stylish twist to classic casual styles, the unisex brand stormed into the sportswear arena and pulled rank in the style stakes. Branded with Prada’s distinctive red line, Prada Linea Rossa are known for their focus on a diverse range of sports, with Formula 1 and skiing being key sports for the brand this season. For the style conscious outdoor type, add a touch of sleek Italian sophistication to your look with Prada Linea Rossa.