This is the premier Made in Italy brand, with all the traditional authentic values of the best in Italian craftsmanship. Persol has been in business for an impressive ninety years. With an array of patented techniques that have yet to meet their match Persol create a unique eyewear experience. Its story began in Turin in 1917 when Giuseppe Ratti created The Protector goggles for pilots and racing drivers. Persol is now a timeless icon of elegance and allure, with the silver screen era of a bygone Hollywood firmly in its DNA. Its illustrious history of celebrity fans has included Audrey Hepburn, Greta Garbo and Steve McQueen that continues today.

There is serious substance in this brands style. The most distinctive aspects of Persol design have derived from practical details. Those parallel lines make for a smart design flourish at the temple. However, they denote the Meflecto system which dates back to the thirties. This ground-breaking system transforms eyewear. An intricate piece of engineering within the stem requires several processes. Metallic or nylon cylinders are intersected by a steel core and worked into the temples allowing flexibility to eyewear that is unsurpassed. The Victor Flex came along next with the same technology applied to the brow, still used today in the legendary Persol 0649 model. The iconic silver arrows form part of the hinge mechanism. But the exclusive Persol is also a sophisticated level of craftsmanship and advanced technology.

The pride of Italy, the Persol 0649 is a design classic. With distinctive large lenses, its peaked brow and keyhole bridge, Meflecto temples and silver arrows it cannot be mistaken. Original designed for the tram drivers of Turin in 1957, it was to become one of the eyewear greats. Indeed it is one of the few frames to rival the aviator and wayfarer styles. A folding version of the frame; the 0714 was championed by screen and style icon Steve McQueen. It was worn by the actor off screen and on. It was immortalised in such movies starring McQueen as the Getaway and The Thomas Crown Affair. A pair of Steve’s custom azure blue lensed 0714s from his personal collection fetched over £40000 at auction. These Persol icons are worn today by the likes of Beyonce Knowles, Jay-Z, Elle MacPherson, Benicio Del Torro, Heidi Klum, Joaquin Phoenix and Lindsay Lohan.

The Persol crystal lenses are also the pride of the brand. Scientifically formed from natural materials, you get clarity and exceptional protection from UV rays. The Persol signature is etched into a single lens marking the authenticity of your superior sunshades.

The Silver Arrow was developed in the forties and went on to inspire discreet branding within the eyewear industry, still providing the blueprint today. Metal hinges were finished off with an arrow on the stem. This is yet another unmistakable detail that sets Persol sunglasses apart. Ratti was inspired by the swords of the ancient warriors for this iconic flourish.

Persol like to refer to its product as ‘a work of Persol’. When you become a Persol wearer you will truly understand why each piece is likened to a work of art. The quality and class shine through in every frame. This is eyewear to truly be proud of.