Polo Ralph Lauren

What began with a simple collection of ties has grown into an entire world of fashion spanning from tailored clothing to sportswear and accessories. Polo Ralph Lauren embodies the discreet elegance and classic style of the sport that inspired him: polo.

Polo Ralph Lauren sunglasses are equally distinct in their elegance, an elegance that has evolved over the five decades since their conception. The Polo Ralph Lauren sunglasses collection is constructed from only the finest materials and each frame is designed to meet the Ralph Lauren philosophy.

Easily in the top ten of the most influential fashion visionaries to ever grace the Earth, Ralph Lauren takes his inspiration from the American gentry of the 20's and updates it for today's world. Ralph Lauren sells more than just fashion to the world: Ralph Lauren sells a lifestyle.

One of the most successful US designers ever, Ralph Lauren's perseverance over the decades has sold his vision of an elegant American lifestyle to the world. Polo Ralph Lauren is a global name primarily thanks to their all-American approach to fashion, fragrance and accessories.