Prada was created by Mario Prada and his brother Martino. Initially a male orientated business, Mario Prada did not believe that women should have a role outside of the home. Ironically, Mario's son had no interest in the business, so it was his daughter Miuccia Prada who took the helm of Prada as his successor, and ran it for almost twenty years. Fast forward to 1970 and Miuccia Prada joins the helm, eventually taking over fully in 1978.

In 1987, Miuccia Prada launched the first Prada ready-to-wear line that become iconic for its drop waisted silhouettes and skinny belts. Clean lines, basic colours and impeccable cuts gave Prada a cult following. Time described the apparel as "unassertive, combining traditional good manners and an ultramodern industrial sleekness.

The 1990s continued to be a great decade for Prada as they became a favourite of the fashion editors that continued to see the brand become even more sought after. At the end of the 90s, Prada collaborated with the De Rigo group to form Prada eyewear. At the turn of the millennium, Prada was deemed as one of the most influential brands of its time. Proof was on the screen as well, with best selling book, ‘The Devil wears Prada’ being adapted for screen in 2006.The ‘Devil’ who wore Prada, being the editor of US Vogue.

Prada eye wear owns immediate fashion authority. Varying in styles, the collections range from vibrant and bold, which accentuate the current contemporary over sized style, to a more classical and timeless vibe. Boasting timeless qualities, purchasing a pair of Prada sunglasses, automatically initiates a investment piece that will continue to add Italian chic to all manner of trends. Constantly influential across fashion for over a century Prada is one of the world’s leaders in luxury high end accessories.